Menus At Sufi, we provide a fine collection of different foods and food styles from across the world. Be sure to have a look through our various food products, as you get to sample everything from rich meat dishes to stunning, perfectly cooked poultry that comes in any style that you wish. From our famous Sultani lines of beef foods to our Falafels and Olvieh salads, we have something for everyone. Not sure what you want to try out? Then have a look at the buffet. This allows you to sample various foods you may never have had before to help you find something that truly catches the taste you are looking for. We are serious when we say that we want to only provide food in our menus that is going to really satisfy as many as people as possible; this is why our range of foods is so diverse. We also offer a wide range of stunning seafood, from Atlantic Salmon and Trout to Jumbo Shrimp, we can help you find a stunning seafood offering that is going to be just what you are looking for. Alongside this we have a wealth of wonderful salads, from Garden Salads to our own special salad filled with some of the best Persian food in San Diego, from rich cucumbers and tomatoes to walnuts and beets to add a rich, lasting flavor. From our regional plates that allow you to throw together a fine selection of foods from Persia and the Mediterranean, we make sure you are eating quality foods in an easy, simple manner. We also have a fine kid’s menu, so if you are coming down with the children they can enjoy everything from Persian Style Spaghetti to a rich Beef Koobideh. We have something for everyone, and will make sure that our menus can satisfy your every want and need to this point. Alongside stunning desserts, we also have a fine collection of wonderful side orders and beverages to be enjoyed. From a range of mixed pickles (Shoor) to a Zeytoon Parvardeh, you can find it very easy to pick up a rich and unique range of flavors that you may never have sampled beforehand. Our beverages range from Doogh, a unique yogurt drink, to various soft drinks, mineral waters, iced teas and fruit juices. Whatever you would like to wash down a refreshing meal, we’ll make sure you can get all the help that you possibly need!